Saturday, July 26, 2008

Improved Search Result Presentation

Searches for panoramas on Panoramic Earth has just got smarter as we have just implemented changes that make these more useful. Instead of a simple A-Z list of the search returns, these are now tabulated in a more meaningful way as shown below:

Search Results for 'Beach' on Panoramic Earth
You get -
  • Panorama ID - a site ID given to each panorama
  • Location Name - An active link which will take you to the location listed
  • Region and Country Listing - Shows you where in the world the location is found at a glance.
The search covers more than just the location title. For example, a search for 'victoria' will return both panorama locations with 'Victoria' in the title and also images from Victoria in Australia and other places where Victoria relevant to the search request.

This is much more useful than the old way of presenting search results as shown above.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Reaching Critical Mass?

We are finding increasingly that images added to Panoramic Earth are becoming rapidly indexed by Google and also found in the searches. Panoramas of the Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas, one of the tourist attractions in Hong Kong, was found position 9 and 10 within Google within 24 hours using general search terms relevant to it. Of course, that might all have changed now. For the current status of this page within Google follow this 10000 Buddha Temple search

Friday, July 04, 2008

June top 10 Panoramas

It is always interesting to see what are the most viewed panoramas over time. Here are the list of the top 10 most viewed images on Panoramic Earth during June 2008. What would be even more interesting is to know why some of them are so popular:
  1. Cases de son Barbassa (Spain)
  2. More London Development (England)
  3. Laaloa Beach Park (Hawaii)
  4. James Craig Tall Ship - Bow (Australia)
  5. Staffin Beach - Headland (Scotland)
  6. La Pergola Aparthotel (Spain)
  7. Gentry's Kona Marina (Hawaii)
  8. The Ridgeway - Abbotsbury (England)
  9. The Hays Galleria (England)
  10. Kleine Scheidegg (Switzerland)
They range from holiday destinations in Mallorca through to beaches in Hawaii, and from galleries and architecture to the tops of Swiss mountains. We have to see if the trend changes during July.

New Panoramas on Panoramic Earth